Everyone tells entrepreneurs to find a niche but no one explains how to do it.

Because customers have more choices than ever entrepreneurs must offer products that are both useful and novel. Entreverted assists fledgling to established entrepreneurs build and refine their business concepts by focussing on creativity, strategy, and support. Creativity has always been vague and mysterious but researchers are now identifying how mood, mindset, organizational structure, and other elements affect the creative process. We communicate their results in understandable and useful ways.

The proper strategy distinguishes one company from its rivals. Entreverted highlights those approaches that create distinctive businesses. And because few people can fully imagine a business opportunity while it’s being developed, we provide moral support only other creators can offer. Before the products were released, few people could imagine viewers binge-watch seasons of programming in one sitting, travelers ride-sharing a car with an average driver, or consumers adding hundreds of apps on a phone. Entreverted helps you to imagine what could be instead of reproducing what already exists today.

Everyone tells you to find a niche. We show you how to create one.