We all need help at times and retirees are no exception. The difference is that they want to maintain a sense of independence and their families want to ensure their safety. Naborforce intervenes by connecting seniors with screened and caring Nabors who want to assist with small tasks. Listen to Paige Wilson share her entrepreneurial journey.


Profile: Paige Wilson/Naborforce

Website naborforce.com

Description: Service Marketplace between retirement and medical care

Service Area

Two markets in Virginia at the time of this article

Focus Areas

  • Connects seniors with caregivers, Nabors, for simple non-medical tasks

Advantages over other market places

  • Unserved market
  • Other marketplaces offer skilled medical care
  • Other markets require 4-hour minimums or contracts

Idea Source

  • Family need

Professional Background

  • Corporate Finance


  • the providers, nabors, are not the typical gig workers
  • the nabors’ average age is 54
  • after more than 2 years in business, no appointment has ever been missed

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