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Entreverted businesses avoid competition by creating categories of their own. They offer unique products and services that customers cannot find elsewhere. Since they don’t sell what everyone else does, they don’t compete through costly price wars, marketing gimmicks, and advertising schemes. Entreverted businesses range in size from multi-billion dollar giants to solo entrepreneurs who build their empires after hours and on the weekends. They don’t peddle fads, pitch gimmicks, or succumb to trends. They offer unique value.

Entreverted leaders understand that creativity is not bestowed at birth but learned, developed, and practiced. They develop unique business concepts by practicing scientifically proven creative techniques.

Before unique businesses become mainstream, most people cannot grasp their ideas. Friends, loved ones, and mentors often dissuade creators from proceeding. Unfortunately, this is a normal occurrence but a demoralizing one none-the-less. Entreverted leaders benefit from the camaraderie of other like-minded individuals to bring their ideas to reality.

This site helps entrepreneurs build unique businesses. It provides strategic examples from others who have preceded you. It distills and demystifies academic research on creativity so that you may create the next great business concept. It provides the support to push you forward during the darker days of entrepreneurship.

The posts on this page provide a strong starting point for what is to follow.


Don’t find someone else’s niche. Create your own!

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Innovating the Way You Innovate

Apple produced the iPhone with a touchscreen, the AppStore, and thousands of apps when other cellphone vendors were manufacturing full keyboard Blackberries and twelve-button flip phones. The iPhone was so vastly different because Apple approached the mobile phone from a different perspective.

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Where to Start

Should you mimic someone else’s business or create your own? It’s easy to assume that if a business idea worked for someone else it’ll work for you but that is often furthest from the truth.

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Create a Category

If a lion is a cat and a falcon is a bird, what’s a platypus? Every so often, evolution, like an innovative entrepreneur, creates something that defies categorization. Something that doesn’t resemble anything else. But distinctiveness makes it ideally suited for...


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